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The Foundation of a Brand: Professional Logo Design

A brand’s power can easily be judged by its logo. A powerful and impactful logo always helps customers remember their name. Even some logos can easily be identified without the brand or company name. Logo design services have become mandatory for growing and existing companies too for a strong company. We have some interesting general facts about a powerful logo design. Let’s have a look at the general statistics about a logo.


General Facts about Logo Designs 

  • Brands mostly use the blue color in their logo. It’s a general perception that the blue color gives the logo a different look. Around 33% of top companies use the blue color in their logo. 
  • It took 400 milliseconds to process a logo design visually in the visual cortex of the brain 
  • There exist around 20 principles to design a logo before making it public. 
  • It is advised to test the logo on the suggested scales between 10 to 100 percent.

Besides, online shops and companies have made competition in the market too. Companies must design the logo very carefully to impress the target market and the overall market to create their own identity with the help of a unique piece of logo design that people can easily recognize the brand without the company name. 

Let’s consider some examples of logos that made an impact in the world. 


How Amazon’s Logos Reflect its Evolution

If you see the logo of Amazon, you will find it very simple and decent. This logo design delivers the message that this company is a wholesale market that is delivering all kinds of products. The letter “a” and “z” says that it has everything. Below is the attached picture of the amazon logo.


The Target Logo Was Not Always The Iconic Bullseye

Target name and logo design came up after a long debate with the team, ultimately, decided that a red and white whim would depict the company name in the market. The logo has a classic 3 three-ring portraying a clear message in the market about the brand.

Did you know? The most popular fonts are specially created in 1957 to be used in logos. They are Helvetica and Univers.



Nike The Logo Of $34.8 Billion Vision

Nike is a well-known brand, mainly known for its quality shoes and sportswear. People can identify the Nike brand with its logo with ease. The Nike logo was previously referred to as the strip but afterwards, it is changed to ‘Swoosh’ which means the fibre this company uses to prepare shoes.


Toyota Logo Secret Messages

The logo of Toyota was created in 1989, The two perpendicular ovals overlapping each other inside out. The outer oval denotes T for Toyota and the other oval is referred for the steering wheel in vehicles. This logo was created on the 50th anniversary of Toyota.

Final Words

Digital Graphiks have the best logo design services, you can check out their designs and ask them for a quote as they have the expertise and deliver the work timely alongside taking suggestions from their customers as well. Logo design London has become an essential part of any growing or existing company to give them a separate identity in the market for a powerful brand and marketing strategy. 

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