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Digital Graphiks is an exclusive 2D animation creator serving successfully in Dubai. Our 2D animation artists create 2D explainer videos with complete efficiency and professionalism. We earnestly serve every client with extremely refined results.

We Are End to End Solutions Provider in 2D Animation Making

Digital Graphiks has immensely mastered the art of 2D animation drawing. Our skilled experts work in detail to create 2D effects animation efficiently. Our practical team is thoroughly expert in traditional 2D animation; dealing with creative and exquisite characters and themes.

We are the Skilled & Talented Explainer Video Production Company

2D animation has a long victorious history since it has come into being in the 1930s. Since the art has been massively admired; it has also been through several transformations in the same century. With the advent of the digital era, 2D art has thoroughly been immersed in technology. With new softwares and techniques, this 2D animation has reached a whole new level and has become widely popular. Now, this 2D animation is not only limited to television and only for entertainment but it has become a part of everyday routine to come across 2D videos serving different purposes.

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Digital Graphiks has gained a proficient name in the best 2D animation production. As 2D animations have long been famous and successful; they have been used in almost every purpose of entertainment, education, social campaigns, and business (marketing). We create purposeful 2D videos as per the customer requirements.

2D Animated Explainer Videos

Nowadays, these 2D videos are used as explainer videos to promote or communicate messages and campaigns. The reasons 2D animated videos being our first choice for making explainer videos are their low production cost and simplified designs. Our process comprises designing a perfect background that matches the theme, carve out an interesting story, and creating characters with attractive appearance.

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We Get the Objects Perfectly Alive Through Motion Graphics

We offer 2D motion graphics at low prices and takes less time for development. We develop each message in a video with real-life objects transitioning into one another smoothly. This special characteristic of our 2D motion graphic keeps the video engaging and interesting. We have adequately designed 2D motion graphics about different processes and complex business promotions.


Our qualified team being tech-savvy in the digital marketing realm adeptly creates 2D vector based animation. They have absolute on hands experience in making the most of 2D vector-based animations. It gives the viewer another glimpse of our experts' working capabilities. It impresses the audience with cleaner image quality and attractive content.

We promote your business or campaign in a more versatile way by creating 2D animation GIF. These GIF images are more vocal and impressive than static pictures used in any promotions. We create them lively, appealing, and catchy for your customers. Our designed GIFs fulfill the purpose of being memorable and influencing.

Our innovative designers and equipped studios are the perfect matches one can find for 2D anime videos. Experts at Digital Graphiks know the antiquity of Japanese 2D anime characterization and produce the most creative and worthwhile pieces of animation. Their work is unique yet matching the standards of 2D anime videos.

We have always worked with professional ethics and techniques and also manifest an empathic approach towards the clients. We offer our experts' services at reasonable prices as per the projects' requirements. Where the 2D animated video making price offered by others is relatively high and groundless; we charge the most justified 2D animation cost per minute that makes our clients contented in this aspect as well. Digital Graphiks does not impose inordinate charges on the customers.

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Digital Graphiks FZ LLC
Digital Graphiks FZ LLC
Digital Graphiks FZ LLC
Digital Graphiks FZ LLC
Digital Graphiks FZ LLC
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